№31996Old fortress
№31796The wall of an ancient fortress
№31787Stairs to the fortress
№12413Ancient wall
№23622The tower and the powder magazine

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№23719Wall circular tower.
№31813Torture in the ancient castle
№23776An old window in the castle
№23738Lookout Tower
№23664Texture. Ancient castle. Laying of stone wall.
№23614Inside the tower
№23759Texture. Fortress Wall
№349Half-ruined tower of the ancient fortress above the River.
№23839Texture. The fortress wall.
№23675Ancient castle wall.Texture.
№23665The top of the city wall
№31807Cell for torture in the medieval castle

№359A ruined stone wall on the ruins of the ancient castle
№351Narrow loophole in the wall of an ancient fortress.
№348Defensive wall of the ancient castle close.
№360Dilapidated stone tablet with an inscription on the ruins of an ancient castle
№347The outer wall of the ancient castle on the defensive rampart.
№32038The roof of the Castle
№23608Ruined tower
№23618Restoration of the tower
№29250The streets in the old castle
№23621The loopholes in the wall
№29253Crimean Castle
№31820Staircase in an old Castle
№23639Fortress tower
№23667Wall of ancient fortress

№31867An ancient castle at night
№23718The roof of the tower
№23737Defensive tower
№23752Old tower
№23785Steps to the ramparts
№23806Restoration of the tower

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