№31996Old fortress
№31796The wall of an ancient fortress
№31785An ancient fortress near the river
№31787Stairs to the fortress
№23658Dilapidated old fortress

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№23816The restored castle
№23670Ancient fortress
№31786Hungarian fortress
№21737Fortress Wall
№23809The ruins of the fortress wall
№23723The city walls
№23834The wall of the old fortress
№23837Fortress Wall
№349Half-ruined tower of the ancient fortress above the River.
№23807Ruins of the castle tower
№23836The fortress wall
№22839Cannon in fortress

№23643Bender Fortress
№351Narrow loophole in the wall of an ancient fortress.
№23813The fortress area
№23562The walls of the fortress
№23820Ancient fortress
№23821Glorious fortress
№21009Old Fort
№23833Ancient fortress
№23835Fortress in the process of restoration
№23840Restoration of the fortress
№23846The fortress on the urban landscape
№22840Entrance to the castle

№22841A view through loophole fortress
№22842The approaches to the fortress
№22851The castle
№23637The castle
№23639Fortress tower
№23641Home fortress tower
№23668Under the walls of the ancient fortress
№23688The ruined castle
№23696Cannon in the fortress
№23707The walls are brick fortress
№45979The wall of the fortress with a moat water
№23722The broad walls
№45743Stone castle wall
№23757The fortress wall and tower
№23761The fortress wall
№23529Stronghold in the city
№23788Historical Museum in the fortress
№23805The siege

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