№28777Old house
№28550House under the Reed roof
№28718Wooden house
№28659Rain canopy along the house

Autumn has come. At Halloween, yards, public spaces, and some houses may be decorated with traditionally macabre symbols including witches, skeletons, ghosts, cobwebs, and headstones. Approach the day of all the saints. Halloween, a contraction of All Hallows' Eve, is a celebration observed on 31 October, the day before the feast of All Hallows'. The celebrations and observances of this day occur primarily in regions of the Western world, although some traditions vary significantly between geographical areas.
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№23819An old military architecture
№28652Ukrainian house
№28556Ukrainian village
№28677Ukrainian village
№28653In the Ukrainian village
№28217Country house behind bushes
№28649Wooden hut with no Windows
№28539White hut
№28761Small rural house
№28668Very old village
№28843Ukrainian house
№28648Old wooden hut

№28486Rural life
№28591Old house out of wood
№28595Historic shed
№28861Ukrainian court
№265Wooden House
№28588House of Kievan Rus '
№28536Small house in the village
№28640Wooden buildings
№28689Ukrainian village
№28590Old Russian House
№28564Old wooden shed
№28499Russian hut
№28746Round house made of clay
№3131 Rural felling
№3132 old wattle and daub hut hut

№3112 Hata
№3311 House with veranda
№264Wooden shutters
№28698Farmhouse wood
№28704Old house
№28214The Blue House behind the fence
№28485The ancient House
№28244The Old Church
№28567The White House in the village
№8876Shed. Home. Country style.
№28597A shed
№28862Ancient hut
№28613Old wooden house
№23792Simple historical architecture

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