№28777Old house
№28550House under the Reed roof
№28718Wooden house
№28659Rain canopy along the house

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№23819An old military architecture
№28873Old house
№28556Ukrainian village
№28652Ukrainian house
№28677Ukrainian village
№28653In the Ukrainian village
№28217Country house behind bushes
№28649Wooden hut with no Windows
№28539White hut
№28761Small rural house
№28567The White House in the village
№28843Ukrainian house

№28668Very old village
№28648Old wooden hut(Old wooden house)
№28486Rural life
№28877Ukrainian hut(Ukrainian hut Ukrainian illustration template frame)
№28485The ancient House(Ancient House )
№28557House in Ukrainian village(House in Ukrainian village Ukrainian illustration template frame)
№28591Old house out of wood
№28595Historic shed
№28861Ukrainian court
№265Wooden House
№28588House of Kievan Rus '
№28920Ukrainian farmhouse
№28536Small house in the village
№28640Wooden buildings
№28689Ukrainian village

№28558Old Ukrainian House(Old Ukrainian House Ukrainian illustration template frame)
№28590Old Russian House
№28564Old wooden shed
№28746Round house made of clay
№28499Russian hut
№3131 Rural felling
№3132 old wattle and daub hut hut
№1089Old country house
№3112 Hata
№3288Old Hata
№3311 House with veranda
№264Wooden shutters
№28698Farmhouse wood
№28704Old house
№28214The Blue House behind the fence
№28244The Old Church
№28790In the Ukrainian village
№8876Shed. Home. Country style.
№28597A shed
№28862Ancient hut
№28613Old wooden house
№23792Simple historical architecture

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