№23658Dilapidated old fortress
№23724The defense of the fortress
№23587The Constitution of the Cossack Ukraine
№23670Ancient fortress
№23693An old cannon

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№23710Gun on gun carriage
№23622The tower and the powder magazine
№23819An old military architecture
№23770The remains of the ancient wall
№23809The ruins of the fortress wall
№23822Fortress Wall
№23738Lookout Tower
№23845The putting-stone of Baron Munchausen
№22838Ivan Kotlyarevskiy
№23665The top of the city wall
№23676The walls of the ancient kremlin

№23573Munchausen.Commemorative plaque.
№23643Bender Fortress
№23742Double eagle
№23813The fortress area
№23817Wall of ancient fortress
№23820Ancient fortress
№23824The fortress wall
№23572Munchausen.Commemorative plaque.
№23835Fortress in the process of restoration
№23844Saddle on the bullet
№23608Ruined tower
№23624Layering stories

№23633Narrow loophole
№23641Home fortress tower
№23653The flight to the bullet
№23666Great review
№23688The ruined castle
№23691Fortification walls
№23707The walls are brick fortress
№23714Defensive landscape
№23733Pass over the abyss
№23737Defensive tower
№23743Restoring old
№23752Old tower
№23753Restoration of Historic Places
№23757The fortress wall and tower
№23771The remains of the ancient architecture
№23786Old town
№23799Under the blue sky

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