№48715Color bracelets
№48716Color bracelets
№7663Rhinestones at cross.
№2503Cuff link gold
№2055Bone bracelet, collar ...

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№21806Eye of Allah
№7673Cufflinks gold.
№29437Heart with stones
№2099Wooden beads
№28451Very old women's jewelry
№3577Heart pendant
№48719Colored beads
№2100East amulet
№2070Women's earrings made of shells.
№7660Skeleton Fish
№2083Glass beads on string
№2059Wooden decoration on the arm.

№7672Gold cufflinks bullock.
№3561Ring in gift box.
№2062Wooden Beads
№13507Necklaces made of shells
№3574Ring in the memory
№3627Jewelery in box
№2497 Cuff gold
№2501 Cuff Gold with chain and stone
№2097Chinese wooden medallion.
№2114Gold cuff links. Taurus
№3576Heart black on gold chain on red background
№2502 Cuff gold chain
№2065Bracelet black and white

№2079Necklaces of beads.
№2066Pendant in the form of skeleton fish. Trinket metal.
№2494 Pioneer icon
№2072Pendant in the form of boat (sailboat)
№48713Color bijouterie
№48714Color bracelets
№48722Beaded Bracelets
№48725Beads of colored stones
№48729Indian bracelets
№2061Medallion Yin-Yang of wooden beads
№2088Chain in the form of heart
№2078Beads. Patterns of blue beads.
№2071Skeleton of fish. A charm.
№3630Gold chain for lover
№7668Earrings of the shells
№2064Self-made necklace
№2115Cufflinks for men. Gold. Signs of the Zodiac. Taurus.
№3569The silver chain in the form of heart
№2085Gold chain. Large.
№3634Hearts and gold chain
№3575Broad ring with green stone
№2075A cross with crystals
№1323Antique Jewelry
№2057Blue plastic beads. Large.
№2058Bracelet Wood
№3614Box for jewelry
№2086Heart of gold chain.
№2092Pendant - Brooch
№1326The ring in red velvet.
№2095The black beads. Large.
№2096Black and white beads in bracelet
№2098Japanese beads.
№2107Natural wood.
№2117Cuff Soviet.
№7515Earrings ears of the seashells.
№3676Any garbage
№3427 Heart with lock
№7028Jewelry Shop
№2496 Men's Cuff
№48336Handmade Jewelry
№48342Earrings made of glass
№48343Jewellery made of glass
№48344Jewellery made of glass
№48345Glass beads
№7671Cufflink of the gold . Taurus

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