№26682Sky and birch
№36149Birch bark
№37182Russian Birch
№37187Spring Birch

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№36148Birch bark texture
№24827Russian birch
№22483Birch tree
№22477Two birch trees
№26570Birch near rural lake
№4509Winter Kiev landscape with birches.
№22488Birch trees near houses
№28304Autumn birch
№10019Birch along street
№5679Elm . texture.
№22474Birch sap

№3359 Birch. Texture .
№3360 Birches
№19121Young birch in pine forest
№3358 Birch. Texture .
№3340 Texture. The bark of birch bark .
№438Birch avenue
№3356 Tektsura .
№3334Because of birch
№3351 Texture. Birch bark
№3332 sky through the branches of birch forest
№5676Birch bark.
№3348 at the edge of birch grove
№3367 Old birch. Texture .
№5541Birch forest

№1773Birch twigs in the spring
№3333Birches in autumn
№47175The trunks of the birch
№439Sprig of birch trees in hoarfrost
№3349 Track in birch forest
№583Birch avenue
№584Birches in spring
№3352 Texture. The bark of birch bark
№5644Coarse bark Birch.
№1776Birch twigs
№3336 track through birch grove
№10006Birch garden
№3364 foliage of birch. Texture .
№37183Spring Birch
№37186The Sun in the branches of birch tree
№37190Spring Birch
№47176The trunks of the birch
№48475Birch ear ring, kidney, seeds isolated
№48477Birch ear ring, kidney, seeds isolated
№48479Spring birch catkin flower
№19054High birch
№19055Texture of birch forest
№28302Bright Autumn birch
№2203A lantern on the seafront of Yalta
№19120Fallen Birch
№38080Birch in winter is covered with Frost
№22485The sky through the branches of birches
№38614Autumn Lake
№1777Spring. Birch dissipated

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