№26964Manufacturing of furniture
№2606 Castle chain .
№26967Carpenter's outfit
№26921A hammer

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№2597To hammer in bolt
№36110The level of(level tool)
№27327Cutting boards
№2930 tool builder, the level and hammer
№354Old metal chain disappearing into the depths.
№2957Old hammer
№2884 Workshop at construction site
№2599 Key piped-water
№2567Microscopic screw-drivers
№2605 Joiner meter
№2942 Trowel for masonry construction

№2588 Hammer
№2940Corner metal for building
№2602The sanitary technician(The sanitary technician Matirx)
№658Nippers with yellow handles
№2581 Carpentry Tools
№2613 grafter. Old wood tool work .
№2915The tool of the builder
№2592 nails or screws (Monochrome. nails or screws .)
№2580 Tools tongs hammer meter
№2568Screw-drivers the super small
№2582 Hammer - nail puller and pile of nails
№33299Construction concrete mixer
№2593 Old screws

№26914Garden pruning
№26916Cutting branches
№26917Rural furniture
№2598 Tweezer
№26923Markings on the ground
№22829Construction of cottages
№22830Production of concrete
№26951Measuring tool
№26959Cutting wood
№26965Construction of wood
№26971Electric drill
№2911 Roulette
№2929Building Roulette
№36214Whitewashing brush
№14735Pneumatic machines
№23758Stretchers construction
№42964Sparks from the metal
№42967Metal cutting(Frame love spark)
№42968The sparks from the grinder

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