№2963 Bricks
№2597To hammer in bolt
№2894Ordinary brick

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№16586Glass tile texture
№8670Destroyed Facing Tiles
№27327Cutting boards
№16588Texture mosaic glass
№2962 Rubble
№16590Texture tiles of glass
№21657Glass blocks in the interior
№2961Warehousing edged boards
№690Brick in the snow
№660Small screw

№2935Man building brick wall
№2913Brick delivery
№1078Construction waste
№2882The laying device
№2944 Building materials sand
№7617Sawn trunk tree
№2592 nails or screws (Monochrome. nails or screws .)
№2880Brick laying
№2580 Tools tongs hammer meter
№2888 Laying brick in the wall
№7615Speel tree
№10511Timber and snow
№2594 Screws
№26932Floor slab
№21815Sort gravel

№2909Nails and screw fasteners
№2941 A lot of mud
№652Metal Spiral
№2964 pruning
№20410Remains of houses scattered along the road
№20412Road littered with tiles
№20413Strengthen road construction debris
№41929Old brick warehouse

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