№17160National currencies
№17138Major currencies
№48487Currency exchange rates(Currency exchange )
№17205Monetary contributions
№41666Plate exchange rates

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№4726Currencies of Europe.
№1474The U.S. currency(The U.S. dollar currency Infographics circle frame Red Card Background)
№1479Dollars(Dollars Digital matrix style background)
№17164Foreign exchange reserve
№1380Ukraine Currency
№17169Exchange rate
№1478U.S. Dollars(Funny money)
№1507Dollars on desktop wallpaper
№7651World Currency
№4724Payment Cash (cash currency). Euros in an envelope.(happy birthday to you euro money)

№5906Euro currency 500
№1481Dollars braided
№1505Dollars desktop
№29422Money Transnistria
№1521U.S.(Rich Banner Background)
№1498One-dollar bills( Frozen dollars Infographics circle frame)
№1506Dollars wallpaper for desktop
№17529Heart of money(Heart of money Infographics vintage card circle frame)
№1502A lot of dollars
№1500U.S. Dollar
№17670Currency Exchange

№48491Currency exchange at the bank
№2210Getting the money from an ATM
№19881Two currencies
№1503Dollar USA(Dollar USA Digital matrix style background)
№1504100 dollars(100 dollars Digital matrix style background)

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