№23658Dilapidated old fortress
№20538The house was destroyed by old age
№15636Destroyed wall
№39048Texture brick destroyed
№39057The texture of the old facade tile

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№20021Damaged roads
№349Half-ruined tower of the ancient fortress above the River.
№11855Ruined Hall
№8670Destroyed Facing Tiles
№1272Ruined country house with the oven
№359A ruined stone wall on the ruins of the ancient castle
№20536Dismantling of the old house
№12087Ruined church in Berlin
№42090Abandoned house
№42144Dilapidated building
№42145Tree on the ruined balcony
№41679Destroyed buildings

№360Dilapidated stone tablet with an inscription on the ruins of an ancient castle
№1703The crack in the concrete
№15633Tore the wall
№15634Ice-covered porch
№23608Ruined tower
№20542Dismantling of the old house
№13132Dilapidated building
№29521The destroyed warehouse
№42078Balcony without rails
№42091House without windows
№42095Trees grow on the facade of an abandoned house
№39045The remains of the destroyed building
№23688The ruined castle
№39049The texture of the destroyed brick

№39052Destroyed benches
№39053Ruined house
№39054Brick ruined house
№39056House without Windows and roofs
№39060The ruined Stadium
№42142Trees on the balconies
№42143Abandoned building
№12451The destruction of buildings
№12452Dilapidated building
№39076The cleanliness of the facade
№38586Window in the destroyed House
№38591The old ruined house
№38592The destroyed window
№39624Old buildings
№41676The Old house
№41682The house without a roof
№41683Destroyed house
№41685An old house
№41687Balcony behind bars
№41689Unfinished house
№41690Window in abandoned house
№8683Abandoned and destroyed children school
№1273Destroyed house

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