№28231Collection of old dishes
№47201Crockery and cutlery items
№47202Crockery and cutlery items
№975Utensils in dishwasher
№2522 large plate with patterns

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№2513 pot with lid in the form of mushroom
№3041It is little soup
№3040 A simple dinner
№3031 Rural dishes
№2520 soup plate
№2518 Plate miner deep
№2521Plate with Blue
№2029Sovetskaya stolovskaya plate
№2511 cup of tea
№3032 Net dishes for dinner
№2515 Tea. Set for tea .
№2519 soup plate

№3037 Cookware
№2523Old soup plate
№7457Brush to Wash bottles
№3038 A stack of plates
№2516 Set for tea
№42363Jug of wine
№7600Shelf at the kitchen.
№970Set square dishes, black and white
№5829Wash the dishes
№41510Ukrainian Decorative plates made of wood
№41515Ukrainian dishes vines
№41524Ukrainian Glechik
№42294Decorative plate made of wood
№47177Ukrainian souvenir glasses

№47211Ceramic tableware
№47214Sand for coffee
№47218Kettle and a tray with a pattern
№47238Sand for brewing caffee
№6049Crack in Ware
№7599Cookware Black and White
№2526 porcelain bowl
№2528 glass kitchen glass container
№48369Traditional Ukrainian dishes from clay

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