№19913Crime medicine(Crime medicine digital background)
№29362Corruption in Ukraine
№19917Medical insurance fraud
№19892Evasion of army

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№30514Criminal income(Criminal income digital background)
№4700Fraud. Dollars, handcuffs.
№4977Dollar loan
№19922Doctor conman
№19908Crime in the hospital
№19906Arrest bribe
№4705Dodge of the taxes. Dollars, envelope, handcuffs.
№4711Wheeler-dealer finance
№19882Soviet Money

№19252Drug mafia
№4707Financial crime. UAH, handcuffs.
№4706Illegal salary. Dollars, envelope, handcuffs.
№19889Bribe army
№19897Fight against drugs
№30516The seized ammunition and money(Information war)
№16738Dear heart(Dear heart Greeting card retro style background Lettering Happy Valentine's Day)
№4713Illegal transfer of money. Dollars in an envelope.(Dollars and envelope. )
№1533Dollars fan(Dollars fan Digital matrix style background)
№7646Count dollars.(many dollars)
№9498Sack money
№42675Fake dollars

№4982Envelope hryvnia handcuffs
№1535Debt(Bank money danger Infographics circle frame Red Card Background)
№17156Money ghost(Money ghost Infographics vintage card circle frame)
№17157Disappearing money(Disappearing money Digital Abstract technology background with binary code and sunrise)
№30754Money on medicine for war veterans(Rrussian information warfare)
№30759Russian war(Russian war digital background)
№4703Ukrainian money bribe
№19318Bribe doctor
№2210Getting the money from an ATM
№19881Two currencies
№19890Bribe commissar
№19912Illegal medicine
№19677Medical Mafia

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