№18189Snow from under the hoofs
№18188Horse walking in snow
№18191Horse in the snow
№12229Horse in winter
№18194Horse in the snow(Winter dark horse runs on snow)

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№462Black stallion
№3963Games horses in the snow
№18197Horse in winter
№18192Horse running in winter
№3981Three horses in the snow
№18195Horse in winter
№3956Rider on horse without saddle in the snow
№18190Horse and snow
№4008Yoked pony sled
№18196Horse running in the snow
№4005Pony rides in the winter sleigh
№3972Horse bite

№3951Stallion horse in the snow
№3964Fight in the snow
№475Black stallion brakes front fence
№464Black stallion producer. Portrait
№3980Horses running in the snow
№3969Horses find out who's the stallion(festive card horse)
№468Black stallion to gallop
№467Gallop in the snow
№3968Games play horses in the snow
№12226Horse Dog Snow
№3957Two stallions fighting in the snow
№3967Horses frolic in the snow
№3965Raging stallions
№3971Horse fighting
№3954The rider falls off his horse in the snow(rider falls from horse)

№3977Horse in the snow
№3982Three horses in the snow(Horses run snow )
№472Black colt galloping
№3952The horse threw the rider
№3979Horses run on snow(Cover. Horses run on snow.)
№469Black Stallion
№3975Horses play in the snow
№473Young horse winter
№466Black stallion looks into the distance
№3959Horse kick
№474Hooves Horses winter snow
№3976Horse winter
№4009Driving on sledge
№3953Man falls from horse in the snow
№4010Pony rolls people at sleigh
№3955Winter horse bareback
№3960Quarrel horses
№3974Horses and snow
№471Black colt to gallop
№3961Who is stronger. Games stallions.

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