№35634Plasticine Santa Claus
№17313Snail rolls the mouse
№17317Clay flower shells
№17294Baby turtle hack
№17309Plasticine snail

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№35630Santa Claus of elastic
№17293Crafts from clay turtle
№17289Turtle of clay
№17305Plasticine cock
№17302Rooster and Chicken
№17296Worm crawls out of cock
№17291Turtle molded from clay
№17299Hen sitting on eggs
№17336Cake of clay
№17290Plasticine turtle
№17307Cock out of children's plasticine hack

№17320Craft of shells
№17295Rooster and earthworm
№17346Plasticine fox
№17335Cake of clay
№17334Sweets from clay
№17298Worm out of plasticine
№17338Piece of cake
№17344Mushroom plasticine
№17300Chicken in the nest
№39187Penguin from plasticine
№39209Dinosaur from clay
№35635Santa Claus from plasticine
№36250Ring from plasticine
№17311Plasticine mouse

№17315The Round Little Bun
№17316Plasticine bun
№17318Flower out of plasticine
№17319Flower made of shells
№17322Shells ship clay
№17323Small sailing vessel of clay and shells
№17324Sailboat made of shells
№17325Boat shells clay
№17326Sailboat made of shells
№17327Boat at sea
№17328Shells and clay
№17329Homemade toy made of shells
№17330Craft of shells
№17345Fox plasticine
№17350Beetle plasticine
№17355Plasticine rabbit
№17360Plasticine bear
№35049Plasticine card
№35051Uninhabited island of plasticine
№35057Children's crafts from clay
№35060Plasticine animals
№35061Plasticine animals
№35062Crocodile from plasticine
№35064Animals from plasticine
№35065Plasticine duck

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