№36297Farmer's sausage
№40949Meat is fried on skewers on the grill
№36290Smoked Sausages
№38643Hot barbeque
№38063Cheese and sausage

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№38644Shish kebab
№47455Smoked meat with fat
№44791Chicken wings
№41766Meat on the street shawarma
№5859Meat on skewer
№9363Meat grill
№851Meat smoked on wooden board
№5858Meats at coal
№17801Cold meats
№3314Fry meat
№17783Appetizing food
№3993Pig meat

№44813Wings on the grill
№41765Shawarma chicken
№47424The carcass of the pig meat on a skewer
№47438Meat on the grill
№47453Smoked meat with fat
№42337Meat on the grill in Georgian
№47461Baked ham and smoked meat
№47475Smoked meat
№42357Ready kebabs
№38064Cut sausage and cheese
№40902Chicken thighs
№9169Meat and potatoes
№9170Baked potatoes and meat

№9172Potatoes baked in foil
№40919Meat fried in a large basin
№40920Fried meat in Chinese
№40942Sausage grill
№3315A huge piece of meat in frying pan
№40948Shish kebab is fried on the grill

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