№39460Mineral slice
№39478Quartz with rutilom and brookite
№39481Beautiful cut stone
№39463Shiny stone

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№39498Quartz crystal
№39510Beautiful cut stone
№39509The texture of the cut stone agate
№39437The texture impregnation in stone
№42971Transparent colored stones
№39491Agate slice
№39450Anthracite coal
№39482Amethyst druse
№39448Tiger's eye

№1305Morion, smoky quartz, rauchtopaz
№44643Mineral Crystals
№44679Mineral Crystals
№42975Figured stone
№39424Precious rhinestone
№39425Natural rock crystal
№39429Semi-precious stones
№39432Inside the stone

№39435Frosted mineral
№39436Transparent mineral
№39443Fluorite and calcite
№39455Petrified wood slice
№39457Beautiful mineral
№39458Crystal mineral in the form of cube
№39461The stone at the Museum
№39462A collection of colored stones
№48433Green stone
№39477Quartz rutile brookite
№39480Mineral agate
№39493Lemon citrine quartz
№39499Crystals minerals
№39502Onyx marble
№39504Apophyllite and Stilbite
№39508White stone
№39514Apophyllite and Stilbite
№44634Transparent mineral
№44639Transparent mineral
№44640Black pyrite
№44645Mineral Crystals
№44649Pyrite stone
№44650Pyrite stone
№44657Ruby in zoisite
№44670Beautiful stone
№44686Mineral Crystals
№44687Pyrite concretion
№39318Minerals in your hand
№39319A handful of gems
№39323Mineral in the hands
№42969White-blue stone
№42970Blue stone
№39400Beautiful stone
№43770Tips from silicon arrows

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