№31316Strange sculpture
№31876Monument to hourglass
№32022Statue of monk with book and pen in hand and dressed in medieval clothes.
№12106Bear in Berlin

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№11906Berlin Bear
№40977Modern sculpture girl
№12154Berlin Bears
№11583Bear symbol of Berlin
№12615Sculpture of golden sphere
№8449Elephant . Garden sculpture.
№7074 - Floor lamp sculpture.
№32023Statue Of The Unknown
№13612Fish metal
№8465Dragon . Sculpture the garden.
№16606Marine sculpture at the mall

№16551Sculpture of the fish
№16549Fish with big nose
№11874Sculpture out of scrap metal
№299Modern high tech sculpture before an ancient building
№8304Shapes of the tree
№41728Sculpture of the man and the water
№41729Contemporary creativity
№8462Garden sculpture . Dragon.
№12088Sculpture from debris
№41028Sculpture flower
№11591Modern sculpture
№23654The Cannon bullet with the saddle
№32102A Hungarian man

№11949Mobile sculpture
№42167Sculptures creative people
№41699Sculpture on pillows
№228Sony Center - Bear
№41704Sculpture Manneken Pis
№41715Sculpture bench
№41717Modern sculpture in the park

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