№39638Road sign parking is prohibited
№22987Red prohibiting light
№23685Entry prohibited
№20920Parking is not allowed
№4875Overtaking is forbidden. Sign.

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№12540No parking
№13205Sign of Stopping pipeline
№13946Fine shovel Glass
№23684Sign of the passage is closed
№23687Forbidden Zone. Entry prohibited.
№20235Overgrown road sign no entry
№5181Prohibitory signs in the park
№13938No parking sign
№5875Forbids light alarm at crossroads rail ways
№760Вхід harrow (no entry)
№806With dogs allowed

№4880Passing is prohibited. Sign.Cyclists travel is prohibited.
№12327No movement. No parking
№13363Road narrows Stopping(Image for profile picture Road narrows Stopping.)
№4667Man fed bison at the zoo. Plate.Prohibition.
№46142Wooden sign no pass
№4423Red Ribbon limiting. No cross.
№27976Alcohol ban on evromaydane
№41035Sign travel is prohibited and the transition
№23644The entrance to the old city banned
№45930Sign swimming is forbidden
№13937Victoria Holiday Village
№48501Sticker Warning video surveillance(Digital video surveillance)
№23678Restricted area under the bridge
№23686Entry is prohibited.
№41144No entry

№39639The old mark of parking is prohibited
№23537No parking
№12286No parking

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