№22170Pointer Kiev
№39638Road sign parking is prohibited
№22067Pointer at hotel
№11721Red traffic light for pedestrians
№13246Sign unfinished interchange

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№12847A pointer to stone wall
№20920Parking is not allowed
№11554A road sign in Europe
№13204The road from Odessa to Kiev
№6076Sign end band paid parking
№22178A pointer to reversal
№860Partitioning movement back on the pavement in yellow
№13187Direction sign to the village
№13277Small city
№21814Speed ​​limit of 50 kilometers an hour

№13360Sign fixing violations camera
№36253A speed bump
№4875Overtaking is forbidden. Sign.
№4892Crosswalk. Sign.
№13256Road sign sealed bag of black
№21795Traffic lights in Turkey
№13201Garbage on the road
№12540No parking
№13205Sign of Stopping pipeline
№13229Sign detour road work
№28523Column pointer of wood
№2285Road sign
№20235Overgrown road sign no entry
№5181Prohibitory signs in the park

№14806Sign do not enter
№859Partitioning movement forward and backward on the pavement in yellow
№13312Homemade speed limit signs and road works
№13938No parking sign
№8306Indices Cities
№11941Road signs in Europe
№2288Sign mileage 50
№2293The restriction on the right road
№197A pillar with pointers(street pointers)
№11915Road signs in Germany
№4915Index. River Fosa.
№5642Wood post - pointer arrow
№4895Rough roads.Mounds and pits.Sign. A yellow background.
№376Pointer to bus stop. Quay Mont Blanc. Geneva. Switzerland.
№4617Zoo. Pointers.
№858Marking advance on asphalt the yellow
№2240Stop taxi - sign. Parking
№2321Declaration on the tree
№5143The judge shall mark the finish line.The checkered flag in the red circle.
№12327No movement. No parking
№13355Abutting the road 300 meters
№13357Sign violation camera
№13363Road narrows Stopping(Image for profile picture Road narrows Stopping.)
№4923Pedestrian crossing
№1352Plate stop near the traffic lights and sign of caution pedestrians
№13900Landing zone
№23644The entrance to the old city banned
№8038Yellow traffic light.
№13943Sign of an end to parking
№11918Attention to the speed limit
№14734Sign reversal
№7573Arrow at the road.
№11674Signs for ships
№934A traffic sign on the left
№13226The sign to the parking lot away
№13237Information sign for drivers
№13255Sign gas pipeline
№23537No parking
№13300Parking sign
№11511Two-way traffic
№13305The direction of movement
№42489Sign of the pits on the road
№41210A sign on a pole exhibition
№17661Main road

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