№12337Italian palace
№12413Ancient wall
№12353Cars in Rome
№12541Variety of Rome

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№12557Vatican Stairs
№12358The narrow streets of Rome
№12384Roman architecture
№12294Italian balcony
№12405Walk through Rome
№12302Italian blue facade
№12455Ancient building
№12520Roman architecture
№12611The bridge across the Tiber
№12469Round architecture
№12572Goddess on the bridge
№12594A variety of styles

№12350Classical Italian Architecture
№12409Italian architecture
№12396Italian facade
№12559Ancient Buildings
№12568Roman architecture
№12408Ancient Architecture
№12530Remains of ancient architecture in Rome
№12387Ball in front of the Vatican Museums
№295Two old windows with shutters, forging and molding
№12464Sculptures on the wall
№12295Variety of Italian style
№12309Italian gates
№313The Italian roofs, walls and lanterns
№12527Bas-relief on the ancient architecture
№12483Wall paintings of ancient Rome

№12610Bas-relief of Rome
№321Roman patio
№12546Antique equestrian statue
№12554Old building
№12561Tourists in Italy
№12564Crossroads.Rome.Traffic lights.
№12580South Steps
№12331Seagulls over the old building
№12592Italian barilefy
№12342Italian bank
№12347Roman architecture
№12356Roman architecture
№12620Italian style
№12380Ancient architecture
№12416Architectural monument
№12432Italian police
№12446Church fresco
№12451The destruction of buildings
№12452Dilapidated building
№12476Italian courtyard
№12487European refueling for vehicles
№12500Ancient architecture
№12511Italian street
№12532People walking on the streets of Rome
№12537Old Rome

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