№12502Vatican Museum
№12444Roman ruins
№12462Night Vatican
№12482Roman fountain
№12389Gladiator Arena

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№330Roman fountain in the square
№12478Sculpture in the fountain De Trivia
№12384Roman architecture
№12488Tourists in Italy
№12363Church of the Sacred Heart
№316The ruins of the Roman Colosseum
№12307The Roman Church
№12586Ancient Architecture
№12520Roman architecture
№12351Building on the bank of the Tiber
№12498Ancient Ruins
№12572Goddess on the bridge

№12293The bas-relief on the Arch
№12524The Roman Coliseum
№12573Remains of ancient civilization
№12350Classical Italian Architecture
№12409Italian architecture
№12448Mausoleum of August
№12392The bas-relief on the Column of Marcus Aurelius
№12491The ruins of an ancient building
№12324The painting on the ceiling
№12519Column of Marcus Aurelius
№12436Arch of Constantine
№12559Ancient Buildings
№12471St Peter's Square
№12585Roman aqueduct

№12568Roman architecture
№12570Equestrian statue of Marcus Aurelius
№12530Remains of ancient architecture in Rome
№12567Roman ruins
№12338Sculptures Vatican
№12474Old fountain
№12335Famous fountain
№317Rome Trevi Fountain Fontana di Trevi
№12465Roman Arch
№12320Sculpture eagle
№12288Column of Marcus Aurelius
№12422The Roman Coliseum
№12344The ruins of ancient Rome
№12495Sculpture St. Peter's Square
№12352The fountain in the Vatican
№12289Archaeological excavations in Rome
№12404The ruins of ancient Rome
№12336The ruins of an ancient civilization
№12480Gladiatorial arena
№12427The pattern on the arch of the arch
№12322The sculptures on the bridge Sant'Angelo
№299Modern high tech sculpture before an ancient building
№12546Antique equestrian statue
№12547Tourists at the Museum
№12292Roman hills
№12326Rome Travel Guide
№12584Piazza Navona
№12331Seagulls over the old building
№315Remains of the ancient colonnades
№12347Roman architecture
№12368Roman Cathedral
№12377Roman Sites
№12378Historical ruins
№12382Italian palace
№12410Italian ruins
№12416Architectural monument
№12418Roman house
№12431Roman hills
№12433Ancient Fountain
№12458Roman viaduct
№12496Italian old house
№12499Historic sites
№12537Old Rome

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