№12367Pool Hotel in Rome
№12381Tourist city
№12401Italian tram
№12365Pleasure horse transport
№12318Evening comfortable interior

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№12454People in the street cafe
№12298Mimes in Rome
№12509Stone sign on the house
№12551Marble mosaic floor
№12535Vatican Guard
№12456Ferrari Store
№12593Bas Capitoline Wolf
№12467Tourists rest sitting on the stairs
№12601Out of the darkness
№12442Woman resting on bench
№12488Tourists in Italy
№309The Swiss Guards at the Vatican pavement

№12323The sculpture on the bridge
№12479Italian Court of the fence
№12606The ruins of civilization
№12370Tourists in Rome
№12617A woman in street cafe
№12417Liquor store
№12505People under the umbrella
№12521Roman columns
№12547Tourists at the Museum
№12561Tourists in Italy
№12565Tourists walk in Rome
№12571Sculpture priest Pope
№12326Rome Travel Guide
№12334Tourist photographs
№12341Texture. Domed roof.

№12602Meeting near the Coliseum
№320A quiet street in Italian
№12355Horse-drawn carriage
№12616People on the stairs
№12618Roman ruins
№12375Sculpture at the entrance
№12376River cruise
№12383Tour bus convertible
№12411The girl at the table
№12421Small shopkeepers
№12434Italian interior
№12435Horse Recreational Vehicle
№12481Of all tourists to the museum
№12484Roman motorcyclists
№12523Italian hotel

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