№28432Old money
№38985Sanctions against Russia
№32367Cards Visa in Russia(Cards Visa in Russia on Digital Binary data bokeh background)
№29414Coin money(Coin money Crypts money)

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№32366Payment cards in Russia
№28409Ancient coin
№30753Russian money
№38990The fall of the ruble
№32370Economic sanctions(Heart money)
№32368Economic sanctions against Russia
№29421Former Russian coin
№32369Credit cards(Credit cards on Digital Binary data bokeh background)
№29417Very old coin
№30516The seized ammunition and money(Information war)
№29419Ancient coins(Ancient coins Crypts money)

№28433Old money
№28436Royal coins
№28439Money Russian tsars
№284413 kopeks 1909
№28442Old Russian coins
№30754Money on medicine for war veterans(Rrussian information warfare)
№4355850 rubles 1919
№43559500 rubles 1919
№43560100 rubles 1919
№435635000 rubles in 1919
№43565200 rubles
№38981Payment for war
№38982Price war
№38986The annexation of the Crimea
№38987Price of the annexation of the Crimea

№38989The fall of the ruble exchange rate
№38991The ruble
№43460Russian Empire coins
№43473Royal 100 rubles
№43474Royal 50 rubles 1899
№44258Commemorative coin ruble 1913
№29416Ancient coin
№29418Ancient coin

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