№28601Antique decorative element on the roof
№32037Scary sculptures on the roof and facade
№32009Sculptural group under the roof
№11694Sculptor warrior
№16255Christmas decorations in shopping center

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№32035Decorative sculptures on the facade of the Knight
№32045The sculptures on the old building
№11799Group sculpture
№20913Sculptures of horses
№11864Brandenburg Gate.Chariot
№11563The sculpture on the dome of the cathedral
№32029Historical sculptures in the wall
№12478Sculpture in the fountain De Trivia
№20923Roof with sculptures
№12522Sculpture of lion in the fountain
№12176Sculptures from Fridrihsverdershe-Kirche
№11525Sculpture Berlin Cathedral

№16286Colored decorative balls
№11727The sculptures
№12019Sculpture girl
№12323The sculpture on the bridge
№16606Marine sculpture at the mall
№12572Goddess on the bridge
№16551Sculpture of the fish
№12513Sculpture in the Fountain of the Four Rivers.
№20833Statues of mythical heroes in architecture
№12338Sculptures Vatican
№11803The sculptures on the roof
№12320Sculpture eagle
№12495Sculpture St. Peter's Square
№11585Old sculpture
№11501Statues on the roof

№12464Sculptures on the wall
№11549Angel sculpture
№11866Military sculptures
№8571Decorative windows , fake.
№11874Sculpture out of scrap metal
№12322The sculptures on the bridge Sant'Angelo
№12020The figures on the roof
№15872New Year decorations
№11537Berlin Sculpture
№32027Sculpture on the wall of the building
№12329Sculpture Rome
№11562Sculpture of an eagle
№32055Wall is decorated with bas-relief
№12088Sculpture from debris
№14136Decorative pendant
№20803Statues in front
№35661Soviet architecture
№12375Sculpture at the entrance
№20834Decorative elements in architecture
№20835Decorative elements on the roof
№20836Decorative columns
№20839Sculptures of horses
№15723The sculpture on the roof in winter
№20895Decorative columns
№39846Forged piece decor element
№20911Different sculptures on roof
№20912Sculptural group on the roof
№20918Sculpture girl
№42168The sculptures on the facade
№12497Sculpture in the fountain four rivers

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