№23587The Constitution of the Cossack Ukraine
№8933Pointer rooms hotel
№23591Commemorative plaque.
№23609Coat of arms on the wall of the fortress
№8928Pointer hotel

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№23568A prototype of Baron Munchausen.Commemorative plaque.
№12509Stone sign on the house
№326Index of streets. Area of Emperor Augustus.
№30600Odessa - City Hero
№23590Coat of arms of the city of Bendery
№23569Baron Munchausen.Commemorative plaque.
№3107 plate cleaning day
№5181Prohibitory signs in the park
№23742Double eagle
№8739Plate. Call here.
№3304 metal plate with the number plate nailed

№760Вхід harrow (no entry)
№806With dogs allowed
№27906Support protests
№23565The story about campaign army Minich.
№23566Hike Army Minich.Commemorative plaque.
№23567The story of Baron Munchausen.
№2321Declaration on the tree
№27665Revolutionary love
№23586Commemorative Book
№803Perebuvati harrow
№13095Tourist Information Centre
№27943Information wall protest
№12074Memorial plaque
№27690Information stand

№27692Have warm clothes and medicines
№23600Commemorative plaque.
№42033The coat of arms and flag of Ukraine on the building(The coat of arms and flag of Ukraine on the building Ukrainian illustration template frame)
№27698Open University Maidan
№27701Servants of the people - come to your senses
№23606Sign Museum
№27964Smoking is strictly designated area
№27966Revolutionary folk art
№27968Requirements protesters
№3152 Schedule of work of the church
№27987Reception of products for rebels
№12897Orthodox informant
№41067The Security Service Of Ukraine(The Security Service Of Ukraine Ukrainian IT)
№41068The Security Service Of Ukraine
№41069Coat of arms of Ukraine sign
№13937Victoria Holiday Village
№13939Clean beach
№11388Humor signboard
№48517Signboard pharmacy
№12188German coat of arms
№14323Plate in colors
№41210A sign on a pole exhibition

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