№21580Car covered with snow
№21569Tractor for clearing houses and roads from snow
№21613Men pushing car in snow
№3485Mail car
№12674Cleaning sidewalks of snow

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№21604Drifts up car
№12670Snow removal
№21524The car is not visible under the snow
№30827Black ice
№3490 tractor rides at night in the snow
№3453Night road to snow
№3436City after snowfall
№12673Cleaning the roads from snow
№3411The car got stuck in snow
№3447Car and snow
№3482Thrower removes snow by night
№3448Car snowdrift

№3462 Car under the snow at night
№3401Cars covered with snow
№21534Sidewalks cleared of snow
№21541Winter road
№21577Parked car covered with snow
№21581Movement of cars in the snow
№3407Car not going to snow
№21596Car in snow
№21605The car is not visible due to snow drifts
№21610Cars blocked snow parked in the house
№30830Wheels in the snow
№3439Car covered with snow
№5231Hail at car
№30832Trail tyres in the forest in the snow
№48496Figure smile on cars in snow

№3444Wood fallen.  Snowfall.
№30839The season for winter tires
№30840Season winter wheels
№3483Driver brushes car of the snow
№3487Man catches taxi. Night. Snow.

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