№15668Red traffic light
№22985Waiting on the move
№21209Traffic light
№22987Red prohibiting light
№22986Railway barriers

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№48512Red traffic light for pedestrians
№22988Red traffic light at the crossing
№224Traffic lights with arrows for cyclists
№18513The love light
№11984Booths for police and traffic light
№5873Freight train at railway crossing
№238Green traffic light to pedestrians, red to cars
№21795Traffic lights in Turkey
№22990Red semaphore
№223Green traffic lights for pedestrians on white background
№3457 Traffic light red and yellow in the snow
№14777Dual lights

№14816Traffic light cautiously children
№11655Red light for pedestrians
№5876Red traffic light at rail crossing
№5878Barrier at railway crossing
№5875Forbids light alarm at crossroads rail ways
№5881Red semaphore at railway crossing
№5872Accident at Trains
№12564Crossroads.Rome.Traffic lights.
№14637Waiting for permission
№1352Plate stop near the traffic lights and sign of caution pedestrians
№8038Yellow traffic light.
№12390Traffic light
№42108Green traffic light for pedestrians
№42112Traffic light with green arrow
№14731Red traffic light with green arrow

№397Red arrow to the left at the main traffic lights
№403Red arrow directly at the main traffic lights under the sign of the main road
№440The red man at the traffic lights for pedestrians on the background of an old house
№22983Local train
№21196Turkish road

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