№44064Ukrainian ancient silver coin(Ukrainian ancient silver coin Ukrainian illustration template frame)
№43493Ancient coins of Olbia
№4358450 karbovanets 1918
№43601Coins Lithuanian Duchy
№43531500 karbovanets 1942

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№43414Gold Hryvnia
№44065Ukrainian coin srebnik(Ukrainian coin srebnik Ukrainian IT)
№44033Converted hryvnia
№43533200 karbovanets 1942
№4353510 karbovanets 1942
№4354725 Ukrainian rubles 1920
№43550Ukrainian money 1919 10 karbovanets
№43553Old Ukrainian money
№43557Check 15 karbovanets 1921
№44075Converted hryvnia
№435681000 hryvnia old
№435691000 hryvnia in 1918

№435702000 hryvnia in 1918
№43571200 hryvnia 1918 loan
№435721000 Ukrainian karbovanets
№435731000 Ukrainian karbovanets
№43574100 hryvnia 1918
№43575100 hryvnia 1918
№43576500 hryvnia 1918
№43577Paper money of the Ukrainian People's Republic in 1918 500 hryvnia
№43578Paper coin Ukrainian People's Republic in 1918
№43579Paper money of the Ukrainian People's Republic in 1918(Paper money of the Ukrainian People's Republic in 1918 Ukrainian illustration template frame)
№43580Money Ukrainian People's Republic of 10 hryvnia 1918
№4358110 karbovanets
№43585250 karbovanets 1918
№44106Vintage Ukrainian golden coins
№43408Srebrenik Svjatopolka (Monochrome. Srebrenik Svjatopolka .)

№43416Old coins of Ukraine
№43718Ancient coin of Chersonesos 4th century BC(Ancient coin of Chersonesos 4th century BC Crypts money)
№44030Ancient money Hryvnia

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