№4358450 karbovanets 1918
№28432Old money
№43531500 karbovanets 1942
№43556Vintage regional money
№43564The denomination is 50 cents

Autumn has come. At Halloween, yards, public spaces, and some houses may be decorated with traditionally macabre symbols including witches, skeletons, ghosts, cobwebs, and headstones. Approach the day of all the saints. Halloween, a contraction of All Hallows' Eve, is a celebration observed on 31 October, the day before the feast of All Hallows'. The celebrations and observances of this day occur primarily in regions of the Western world, although some traditions vary significantly between geographical areas.
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№4353950 Reichsmark
№4352525 Soviet rubles
№4352610 Soviet rubles
№4352750 Soviet rubles
№43533200 karbovanets 1942
№43534German money in Ukraine in 1942
№4353510 karbovanets 1942
№28433Old money
№4353750 Reichsmark
№4353820 Reichsmark
№4354225 thousand rubles of the USSR in 1923

№4354315 thousand rubles of the USSR in 1923
№4354725 Ukrainian rubles 1920
№43550Ukrainian money 1919 10 karbovanets
№43551Paper 5 cents
№43552Paper coupons instead of money
№43553Old Ukrainian money
№43554Substitutes money
№4355525 Ukrainian rubles 1919
№43557Check 15 karbovanets 1921
№4355850 rubles 1919
№43559500 rubles 1919
№43560100 rubles 1919
№435635000 rubles in 1919
№43565200 rubles
№435661000 rubles in 1919

№435681000 hryvnia old
№435691000 hryvnia in 1918
№435702000 hryvnia in 1918
№43571200 hryvnia 1918 loan
№435721000 Ukrainian karbovanets
№435731000 Ukrainian karbovanets
№43574100 hryvnia 1918
№43575100 hryvnia 1918
№43576500 hryvnia 1918
№43577Paper money of the Ukrainian People's Republic in 1918 500 hryvnia
№43578Paper coin Ukrainian People's Republic in 1918
№43580Money Ukrainian People's Republic of 10 hryvnia 1918
№4358110 karbovanets
№43585250 karbovanets 1918
№43593Polish brand 100 brands 1919
№43594Polish marks 5 marks 1919
№43473Royal 100 rubles

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