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All The Photos We Have Were Taken By Us And Are Copyrighted.
All work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
If You Are Using Our Images You Agree To Denote The Authorship Of The Use Of Hyperlink Is Obligatory For Web Sites.

Restrictions On Use Of Images:
all Pictures Of People, Architecture, Transport Etc Were Taken In Public Places Without Getting Special Permission. Any Usage Of Pictures With Recognizable Face Or Figure, Trade Mark Or Design Element Is At Your Sole Risk.

Prohibited Uses:
you Are Not Allowed To Sell Pictures At Photo Stocks Or Any Other Online Photo Agencies. you May Not Claim Images As Your Own Works. you May Not Use Series (More Than 10) Of Our Photos To Post Them On Microsites - Picture Galleries And Photo Catalogues. it Is Prohibited To Use Any Of The Torange Images For Purposes Of Discrimination, Stirring Up Hatred Or In Detractive, Slanderous And Insulting Ways. it Is Not Permitted To Use Images In Obscene, Immoral, Pornographic, Defamatory Ways Or In Any Other Way Which Derogates From Somebody’S Rights Or Denigrates Person’S

you May Not As Well Use Photos In Way Which Places Any Person Depicted In Bad And Offensive Light, Including (But Not Limiting To) Such Uses As:
• Alcohol And Tobacco Ads;
• Contraceptive Advertising;
• Ads For Dating Services, Erotic And Adult Entertainment Clubs;
• Propaganda Of Sexual Life Or Tendencies;
• Promulgation Of Drug Or Alcohol Abuse;
• Content That Portrays Violation Of Law, Moral Or Physical Ailments, Social Problems.

It Is Prohibited To Use Or Expose Images By Means That Suggest The Person Depicted Is Involved Into Immoral Or Illegal Activity Or Personally Approves Of Potentially Sensual Service, Business, Product Which Can Be Obtained As Offensive For The Person Depicted.

If You Have Any Questions Or Doubts Concerning The Use Of Our Images In An Irregular Situation, Contact Us At For Getting An Additional Permission.

We Also Recommend Sending Us Links For Content Where Our Images Were Used.

Image Bank Owns All The Copyrights To Its Images.
Image Bank Is Not Liable For The Use Or Non-Use Of Our Materials.
All The Design Elements, Logotypes And Trade Marks Are Copyrightable And Appear To Be The Property Of Their Owners.
In Case You Are Copywright Owner Of An Image Fragment (Face, Element Of Design, Trade Mark Or Work Of Art) And Want To Delete Photo Which Infringes Upon Your Copyrights, Send Us Message At

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You can also purchase a license for the use of Royalti Free (RF) some of our images without attribution!

RF license

RF license means that you pay for the image only once and then can use it as many times as required, with only a few restrictions. In other words, in this case, there are no license fees except the first payment, and do not need to pay other fees, other than those of the first payment.
RF License is granted only for the images that you purchase using the "Buy" button.

Use of images licensed RF and limitations.
Images that you purchase licenses (RF), can be used for art prints, on websites, in magazines, newspapers, books and brochures, book covers, leaflets, in the application of computer programs, or in any promotional material in printed materials and electronic form, to the limits at which the product that uses the image is not subject to the restrictions specified below. This list is not complete and if you are not sure about the use of the image, please contact us by mail

It is forbidden to make images available on any download Web site (as desktop wallpaper, for example), although you can use an image as a concept in any number of websites, for any number of clients. To use the network, you should not use an image larger side is larger than 1200 pixels, if the image is not included in your website design. If the image is part of the design and is used appropriately, the size of his hand may be greater than 1200 pixels.
You can modify the image in any way, as required for reproduction, or include them in your own work.

Purchase license to use RF does not transfer copyrights. You can not say that it is your own image and may not sell, license the use of, or in any way distribute the image for reuse.

Image Bank Claimes An Unilateral Right To Edit Or Change These Rules Without Any Notice To Users.

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