On this page I will try to answer the most frequently asked questions on our free photobank.
Who is the author of all the photos?
The author of almost all the photos is Valdemar Fishmen also there are several photos of our friends and relatives pinned to us on the site.
How to buy an image under license Royalty-Free (RF)?
At the moment, directly on the site, you can not buy our photos and illustrations because of technical problems with the registration of purchase and payment. But you can get a royalty-free (RF) license for an image from the site by purchasing any of our photos on a paid photobank, for example shutterstock . Simply buy our photo or illustration on the shutterstock, write to us at about the purchase and receive any image from our photobank free bonus on the same terms as a shutterstock.
P.S. Do not forget to indicate in the letter which image from our site you wish to receive as a bonus.
P.P.S. Do not forget that all the photos on this site are made without any releases to the rights of the items, people and logos depicted on the photos. Therefore, the use for commercial purposes of a photo with recognizable persons, logos and art objects may require you to obtain additional permits from owners and rights holders.
Why does every downloading a picture show me the protection from an automatic download and requires me to describe the picture?
We ask you to treat this measure with understanding. Our photos very often steal robots by scanners and give out for their everyones bad sites. In addition, you can greatly help us if you approach the description of the picture creatively. We already simply do not have the imagination to come up with a description for all the pictures. If you do not understand what is pictured in the picture - just click in the upper left corner on the refresh icon (arrow-circle) and the system will prompt you to describe another image.
I want to help you and thank you for your illustrations, and for distributing them for free! How to do it ?
Thank you, it's very nice to know that our work is not in vain and benefit people!
If you want to help us with small money - buy our photo in shutterstock
Tell us about free photobank to your friends on social networks.
Or just describe what is shown in the picture below. But describe, qualitatively, the words 10 of us quite satisfied :-)
How often do you add new photos?
Now we have more than 20,000 photos waiting for unreported and not classified photos. They are waiting for their turn to be added to the site. We add them gradually, when visitors or administrators will describe all the images from the ones already added. You can help to shorten this process by describing several images from the form of download protection in the question above. If you have described one image and want to describe the following - click on the blue arrow-circle in the upper left corner of the form.
How to ask a question?
Write to us at and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

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